Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hair Ideas (for Katy's Wedding)

My wonderful friend Katy is getting married in exactly 1 month - holy cow!  It's sneaking up on us pretty quickly, and her bachelorette party debauchery is scheduled for this weekend.

Gosh, it's amazing how much these wedding things cost.  I did some quick calculations last night, and including my bridesmaid dress, this whole love-celebration will probably cost me just over $300.  I'm not complaining, mind you - I want to help & make this experience as special as I can for my lovely Katers, and if dropping a little dough helps then I'm more than willing.  Also, I'm sure a lot more people (including the bride and groom!) will be spending a lot more money than that.  But that amount is with me being a cheap-ass!!  Whoa!

Will I be buying a new pair of shoes or jewelry?  Nope.  Will I be getting a mani / pedi?  Nope, I can do that myself.  Makeup?  Same right there!  Hair?  Uhm.... crap. 

I'm no hairstylist.  I have particular ways that I "style" my hair, but that usually means A) curly, or B) straight.  It has only recently gotten long enough to put in a ponytail or pigtails - but neither of those are going to cut it for a wedding that has been themed Vintage Glam! 

Here are some ideas I'm looking at for inspiration (thank you, Google image search)! 
Do you think there's a tutorial on how to think your hair longer within 1 month?  I didn't think so. 

 This one is a little over the top, but look!  It's a heart!  How CUTE is that?? 

I do have bangs, so they'll have to be used in the hairstyle in some way.... 

Oh, how I love the BUMP!  I don't know if I could make my hair do that, but hey, I'm experimenting. 

I think this one is just beautiful.  Again, I don't think my hair is nearly long enough (nor do I possess the talent to make it do that), but I think it's totally gorgeous! 

This weekend I'm going to experiment with some styles - using the photos for reference.  Lord only knows how well I'll be able to tease my hair into submission with the supplies that I have (note to self: get about a gallon of hairspray), but I'm going to give it my best practice shot.  Keeping in the back of my mind that it'll cost me about $60 at LEAST to get it done by an actual stylist - I'm going to use that as motivation. :) 

Wish me luck!


Anna said...

I like numbers 1, 3 and 6. With your cute bangs you could totally rock any of those! xo

Beth B said...

Me too!! I think #3 is my favorite. :) I forgot we'll have hairpieces too, so that'll have to go in there too!

Tara said...

I have a few Bumble & Bumble free updo cards. I might be willing to part with one :) you'd need to tip on the full price, of course - but if an updo is say $75 you'd only be out $15 for a tip. Email me if interested.