Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutie-Cute Girlies (Happy Friday to YOU!)

I randomly came across a section in Emma Jane Nation today where she talked about headscarves / bandanas & how they're coming back in style.  I thought the pictures of the girls were SO cute, that I started looking for pics of cute rockabilly girls!  

I've always loved the rockabilly style.  I kind of pull it off sometimes, but most of the time I just don't have the time and patience (it usually includes wearing heels a lot, dresses, and taking a lot of time with hair / makeup).  I can make the effort from time to time, but not ALL the time (and I really admire the girls that can work it 24/7.  Although maybe that's vanity, and not a good thing.  Whatever.  Not thinking about it.  Cute girls!  Yay!)

Bonus part though - if you have lazy days, you can still pull off the rockabilly look with a quick up-do and a bandanna.  Although, will someone PLEASE tell me how to get the darn thing to stay on your head and not slide back halfway through the day?  I have not figured that out yet.  Same with keeping bright red lipstick on for more than 1 hour.  Ah well. 

So enjoy all of the lovely lady pictures!!  I'll be back with my own pictures next week. :)  Maybe I'll do a cute boy rockabilly post too.  'Cause those are nice to look at too! 

 I think this one is my favorite - so cute!  I also totally own that clock in the background!

 I just love this girl's wispy bangs.

 I love love love LOVE her glasses.  I must find a pair just like them!! 

HAVE A GREAT (super cute) WEEKEND!!! :)

All photos from either Emma Jane Nation's blog, or


Blogger Grrl said...

Nearly all of those headscarves go over the ears. Which is why I cannot rock that--I cannot abide a scarf over the top of my ear. It must be behind it. If I were to wear that style, I would wrap the bandana thinner and put it behind my ears, and would have to bobby pin it in the back. Which is still rockabilly-certified, I'm sure. :)

Beth B said...

Maybe that's why mine always slide off - I ALWAYS put them behind my ears. That's pretty funny. I don't know why I never thought of bobby pins before either... *doh*! ;) It's so simple!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and attitude :)

Beth B said...

Thank you!! I love yours too - all rockabilly all the time? LOVE IT! :D

eva said...

Hey girl--you posted my picture and commented underneath that you must find a pair of my cat-eyes. :) (Someone I know happened to find this post through a Google search) Those glasses are from a store called SEE Eyewear! They have a website and many locations in the USA but they aren't international and they don't do online orders. They are also constantly changing their styles but they always have the COOLEST frames. I love that place!!!

Beth B said...

Holy crap - that's AWESOME!! And totally unexpected! I'm so glad you commented. There's actually a SEE eyewear place here in Denver! That just totally made my day. I'm totally going to go & check out what they have. :)