Friday, July 8, 2011

Linger Restaurant - New, SUPER rad, and yuuuummmy!

Last night some of my derby girlfriends and I braved the crazy stormy weather to hit up Linger - a brand spankin' new Denver restaurant that's oh-so-hip and cool!  

The ladies eyein' the menu - MAN it was hard to choose what to get!  I wanted one of everything!

Apparently the building used to be an old mortuary (creepy, eh?) but they've made it really super lovely inside - including huge garage-door style windows that give you a perfect view of the Denver skyline.  SO rad!  

Rain, rain - go away!  Come again some other day!  (Meh, I loved having the stormy change in weather.  Even though I had to ride my scooter in it!)  

Not only is this place super sustainable with their food choices (they buy local ingredients, are big on bein' "green"), but they also had a Smart Toilet in the bathroom.  I wish these babies came standard everywhere - they're amazing!  It has a little sink on the top of the tank, so that when you press the button to flush, you use the clean water in the tank, then the dirty hand-washing water goes into the toilet bowl.  So simple, and SO genius!  

 Free popcorn with some kind of spicy seasonings?  Yes, please!  

The food was amazing too - I didn't get much since I'm on a serious spending diet* but I did get to nibble on some amazing tasty goodies.  Everything is small plates, so you're supposed to order a few things to get filled up.  

HAM's "special" drink (which was amazing - some kind of raspberry fizzy vodka thing), and fried cheese curds with peppers - UGH - delicious. 

 This was my mini-meal for the night!  Shrimp wrap-thingies, with a sweet asian dipping sauce - it wasn't terribly filling (they recommend 2-3 plates per person), but I stuck to my budget for the night!

We had a ridiculously fun time just gabbing, and hanging out with each other.  I love these girls, they totally crack me up.  At one point we started playing the "Who has NOT been laid in a while" game which didn't last long since we kept getting distracted with conversation.  It was so nice just to gab with the girls! 

 Oh, Sunny (far right), you crack me up... 

Let E (full derby name = Let 'Em Eat Skate) is much better at keeping up on her red hairdye than I am!  LOVE it. 

*I have to announce that I stuck to my budget of spending only $10 for the entire evening.  I didn't get a drink, only got one dish ($8), plus tip ($2).  I can't believe I did it!!  I think it helped having some great company - they provided an excellent distraction. :) 


Crystle said...

Ahh! Looks yumm! Makin' me hungry for some spiced popcorn...although sounds like I'd mess that up pretty easily.

Beth B said...

It was SUPER yum!! I don't know what the heck they put on it, but it tasted like Indian seasonings, with hints of spicy & sweet. REALLY tasty!! :)