Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paris on the Platte with Stacey

Friday night my friend Stacey (who I'm doing the Couch to 5k plan with) and I went to Paris on the Platte.  I haven't been there in ages - although you used to be able to find me there all the time, with a huge book, a pitcher of coffee, and an ashtray full of cigarette butts (yep, back when I smoked)!  

Stacey got a free Groupon-type-thing from a friend of hers, and decided to share it with me!!  I was thrilled, so we went nuts with ordering all kinds of goodies, and a few glasses of wine.  

The weather in Denver has been pretty weird lately - with sudden thunderstorms rolling in from out of nowhere!  They're pretty awesome, actually - I'm loving them.  I am definitely glad we snagged a seat inside though, because the people on the patio got pretty soaked! 

Stacey got a huge salad, and I got a deeeeelicious thin-crust pizza.  We also split this cheese plate with goat cheese and some kind of walnut glaze - with a side of apples and crackers (which was amazing). 

Along with the weird rainy weather, comes RAINBOWS!!  They've been everywhere lately!  I've been trying to snap pictures of them when I can.  It's hard to see the first one (I took it from outside the window of the restaurant), but the 2nd was on my drive home - much clearer. 

Even though the storms have been kind of messing up my scooter rides home from work (for some reason they only seem to be happening in the evenings), I still think they're so nice to have for a change.  John actually saw me riding my scoot home in the rain last night - and texted me to make sure I didn't get TOO wet!  Ha! At least I remembered to bring my raincoat that time. ;)

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Kendra said...

i LOVE a good thunderstorm!

ps your food looked delicious - nom nom nom