Friday, August 28, 2009

Sonoma, here I come!

I think it's kind of funny that one of the best trips I've made this year was to Sedona, AZ, and next weekend I'm heading to Sonoma, CA! They sound pretty similar, if you didn't notice. :) I'm hoping that it will be as fun as my Sedona trip - although this time I'm going with my mom and her friend Vicki. Certainly a different dynamic than 5 twenty-somethings telling fart jokes & texting boys, but I won't hold that against them!

I've never been to California wine country, and I hear that Sonoma is the place to go (rather than Napa). Apparently the people are friendlier, the vineyards are less crowded, and they pour your glasses all the way to the top! Sounds like a winner in my book.

After all the car breakdowns, crazy ex-neighbors, and general stress that has been occuring this month I'm definitely looking forward to a break. And what better way to wind down than with a big ol' glass of wine?

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Amber said...

I wish I were going with you all! Have fun! xo A