Wednesday, August 5, 2009

March of Dimes - Mudd Volleyball!

We had a BLAST this year at the annual Mudd Volleyball tournament! All proceeds benefit the March of Dimes (, and our team alone managed to raise over $1,000. I couldn't be more proud of my mud flingin' buddies.

Although we only won 1 game this year (which I think is still 1 game more than we won last year), we laughed a LOT, got ridiculously dirty, and made some new friends. (And drank a lot of beer). Sigh, summertime, I will miss you!

Thanks to all who donated - you rock my world.

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Jack said...

That looks like fun. And most importantly, a donation to the March of Dimes is something meaningful. For some perspective on the kind of the work they do, I invite you to check out this short video -- -- which tells the story of one man's "aha moment" that led him to understand the importance of supporting this organization. I think you'll find it inspirational and invite you to also check out the rest of the site, which was created by Mutual of Omaha to highlight good works, inspirational stories, and "aha moments" of all kinds.