Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love love LOVE photo booths!!

There's a wonderful little dive bar just down the street from my apartment in Denver called "Sputnik". Not only do they have deeeelicious comfort food, but they have awesome vegan options on their menu, and sweet potato fries that you'll die for. No, really, they're scrumptious. Get 'em with the habanero jelly. YUM!

The other bonus of this wonderful neighborhood hangout? An old-school photo booth. For just 2 buckaroos you can have 1 minute of photographic fun! I have to use it every time I go in there. It takes a good 5 minutes for the photos to come out of the slot (they emerge wet due to the super non-high-tech processing), but the 5 minutes is worth the anticipation.

Gosh, I love photo booths!

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