Friday, April 2, 2010

Photo Show at Cafe Europa

Last night I put up some of my photographs at a little cafe in Denver. I was disappointed that I could only hang 12 total (I had about 22 available to hang), but I could only work with what they gave me. I guess it's kind of difficult for them to figure out a way to hang things over a brick wall, so I had to make do!

Here is the artist statement I displayed with them:

I have always found something interesting about human expression and emotion. Ever since I picked up a camera back in 1997, I loved snapping photos of my friends, my family – any face or body I could capture. Although the beauty of nature is something I enjoy experiencing, I usually tend to turn my camera on my friends instead.

These are a collection of my photographs taken between 1999 and 2004. I graduated from Ohio State University with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography in the spring of 2003. Since then my career has taken me down many paths other than that of photography, however my passion for the art has never dissipated. I’m hoping that by displaying these photographs again (some for the first time), I will ignite that flame and continue forward with new projects and endeavors.

All photos displayed were taken with a Minolta X-700 35mm camera. I printed each photo using traditional darkroom methods & chemicals, which are unfortunately things that are going the way of the dodo. Most of my photos are printed full-frame (some with a rustic edge where you can see the spokes of the negative), to avoid cropping as much as possible. I like to show the photo exactly the way it was snapped, so there are very few adjustments made to each print.

So if you get a chance, swing by Cafe Europa & have a look-see! And if you're really super impressed, maybe buy one? :) I could definitely use the moolah!

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