Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Club Brunch - at Diane's

Over the weekend we had another lovely book club brunch at Diane's place this time!

We read
"Unsweetined" by Jodi Sweetin (also known as the middle sister from Full House). It was about her struggle with drug addiction, and growing up as a child actor. I think most of us came to the conclusion that the book wasn't very good - it was not written very well (although it is a memoir, and she is not a writer), and we found it difficult to feel sympathy for her. I think a lot of it is that none of us truly understand the power of addiction, and it's difficult to relate to someone who would destroy all of their relationships, finally recover, then go back for more of the destruction (over & over again). The "childhood star" aspect was interesting though, and made me understand why it's so difficult for those kids. All-in-all, just OK - but I think there are better addiction stories/memoirs out there.

Anyhoodle, I cooked up a new recipe that I snagged from (yep, you guessed it!) It's called Shakshuka {Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce} and I couldn't even begin to tell you how to pronounce it. It came out exactly like the picture from smittenkitchen, but I took my own photo this time! What it doesn't show is that in the end it was sprinkled with feta cheese & chopped italian parsley..... YUM. It was delicious!

A lot of people brought fruit this time around too, which I just LOVE. The Nikkis (we now have 2 Nikki's in our book club) have perfected an amazing fruit-dip recipe too.... it has something to do with whipped cream & marshmallow fluff....need I say more? The picture of all of us is pretty blurry - but that's because I despise using a flash (natural light is SO much prettier), and apparently I have a pretty shaky hand. I'm going to have to start bringing my mini-tripod around with me....

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Rachael said...

Book Club!? How did I not know about this? Are you taking members?