Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boys are ridiculous....

Seriously - these days, I'm not sure why I even bother!
Last night I went to Boulder and hit the town with a bunch of girlfriends. It was super fun, and we started talking to a bunch of boys at a bar. One fellow I found rather cute, and chatted with him for a little while. As we were getting ready to leave, there was a pause - so I gave the nudge with "do you want my number?"

His reply was - "Well, I'm not in Denver very often. But I'll give you mine if you come to Boulder again...."

I should have stopped him right then! Seriously? "Um, yeah, you call me, because I'm too big of an idiot to realize that I'm the one that should be calling YOU, and I'm definitely too lazy to even think about driving the 35 minutes to Denver".

What is the world coming to? Chivalry - are you still out there?

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