Thursday, April 15, 2010

My lovely friend Nikki

I had a rough day yesterday.

It wasn't anything in particular that made it a rough day - I just was down in the dumps. I was thinking about the lack of romance in my life lately, the lack of butterflies, the lack of having a boy in my life that cares for me (that I care for in return). It was really bringin' me down.

Then Nikki came along and made me feel all better. I sent her a big long email about my problems, and she listened to me whine, gave me advice, comforted me, complimented me, and was really there for me. I know that I can depend on her for all of these things when I need them - and that's why she's such a wonderful friend. I only hope that I can be such a good friend to her and everyone else I know in return!

Thanks, Nikki.

Yes, this is a picture of Nikki wearing a funny Halloween headband. It's cute, and I love it! :)

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