Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Shoes

Yesterday I was walkin' around in my favorite black flats, and realized that my feet were hurting in strange areas. The balls of my feet were getting pinched, and my heels felt like they were getting pounded. I flipped them over, and understood the problem.....

Wow - I tore the crap outta these babies! Haha! My mom bought these shoes for me about 4 years ago on a random trip to DSW. I wanted to get these white slip-on flats with silver sparkles around the top, but my mom made the argument "Um... which ones will you wear more?"

Obviously she was right!

I walked my tired old soles
(literally) over to Ross, and bought myself a new pair to replace them. And yes, you're seeing that price tag correctly - only $12.99. Golly I love Ross. The best part is that I think these ones will stay on my feet better while biking, due to the elastic band around the top of the shoes.

As Paolo Nutini sings, "I put my new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right...."

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