Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mom's Egg Casserole & Cupcake Fun

These are the pictures I took of our Narwhal Cupcake-making extravaganza that I mentioned in my last post. It was a super fun project! I even wore my cupcake earrings for the occasion.

I really hope my mom doesn't mind my sharing of her egg casserole recipe. Of course, any way you make it can be your own! You can make it vegan, add broccoli or spinach, substitute chorizo instead of sausage for an extra kick - whatever you like! That's what is truly genius about this casserole. You can customize it pretty darn easily. Enjoy!

Mom's Egg Casserole (Vegetarian Version)
Serves about 10

6 eggs
6 slices of bread (torn in small pieces)
1 cup of grated cheddar cheese (I usually add a little more. I like cheese)
2 cups milk (I use unsweetened soymilk)
1 lb veggie sausage (cooked in a pan until browned)

After the "sausage" cools a bit, combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well, then cover & refrigerate overnight (this is important - and leaves no hassle in the morning)! Bake in a buttered casserole dish at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes (depending on the size of your dish. If it's smaller, your casserole may need a bit more time.)

It's as simple as that!

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