Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boondock Saints: All Saints Day

Tonight I watched the very belated sequel of the cult classic "Boondock Saints", known as "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day".

I adored the original movie, not because of the violence or "cool" factor necessarily, but more for the idea behind it (and the two hot friggin' guys). Everyone aged a decent amount for the sequel (shit, Sean Patrick Flannery's face looks plain swollen for some reason), but I loved that they put all the original cast members in the roles that everyone originally loved them for. Although Willem Dafoe was missing as a main character (still one of my favorite characters from the first movie), everyone was there - even if we hadn't seen them in anything since then! Awesome.

I actually got to meet Bob Marley last year through my job. He's the bumbling comic-relief cop, that was super goofy in both movies. He's actually a ridiculously funny comedian and really nice guy too! Spoiler alert! He gets killed in the 2nd movie, unfortunately - but I understood the correlation with "funnyman" getting killed in the first one.

As far as the new sexy lady cop, I liked her southern drawl and tough-gal nature. Other than that? Give me a BREAK. The shot that introduces her begins at the bottom of her 6" high patent leather shoes. Ugh - I get it. She's supposed to be some kind of sexy dominatrix-type, right? Because that's never been done before. All I could think of was "No FBI agent in her right freakin' MIND would wear shoes like that on the job". Maybe that's just me though. Not that a girl can't be fashionable, of course. But girls are also very clever - we can certainly mix comfort with fashion, for cryin' out loud. Give us SOME credit.

Overall I thought the film was good - even though the Spanish "Rocko replacement" character (as I've dubbed him) kind of disappeared at the end. I guess the original film was imperfect in it's own ways, which is part of the reason why I loved it so much. Part of me yearns for the time when they didn't have the budget for all of the high-tech high-jinks (SP?), while at the same time, they still kept to the same basic fundamentals of the first film.

They certainly continued to play off the "us guys are badasses" theme, but I did like that they threw a non-romantic-interest woman into it. I was worried about this, I must say. Why must there always be a romantic interest? This is not what these movies are about, and they stuck with it. And the fact that this woman held her ground in 6" spike heels? Gotta give her credit for that.

With a bit of a twist at the end, it seems as though a 3rd installment is in order. Although how could there not be? The Saints have become so marketable, that why not suck the story dry? Maybe that's my bitterness towards sequels coming through (I'm sorry, but why turn one story into 3 shitty stories?), but I digress.

All-in-all, a fun flick with plenty of the memorable catch phrases and themes that held strong through the original one. And even though the Saints are a bit older now, that doesn't mean I won't fantasize about them later....

...what? They have tattoos and Irish accents! A girl can have a weakness, can't she? ;)

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