Friday, March 30, 2012

Spending Fast Update: 3 months down, 9 to go!

This month was not as successful as the other two unfortunately, but I still think I did pretty well!  I had a couple of moments of weakness (I did purchase 2 meals at restaurants - about $20 a piece total).  I'm frustrated about that, but I'm not perfect and I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  I think I could've done better, but I still did well, and I did pay down my debt some more, so that's great! 

Here is how I did for the month of March with NOT spending:

Date Not buying Approx $ not spent Total $ Saved
3/1/12 Derby Dues $50.00 $50.00
3/2/12 Dinner at Steubens (Brian's B-day) $15.00 $65.00
3/4/12 Going out to brunch for my b-day (had people over instead) $25.00 $90.00
3/3/12 Out for drinks for my b-day $30.00 $120.00
3/1/12 Google Offer ($10 for $20 at City-O-City) - ugh… really wanted that!  $10.00 $130.00
3/3/12 Drinks at the bout $18.00 $148.00
3/3/12 Taco Bell (thank GOODNESS John didn't let me do this!) $10.00 $158.00
3/7/12 Gift basket donation (donated handmade items instead) $10.00 $168.00
3/7/12 Bowling (friends had a free coupon!)  $15.00 $183.00
3/10/12 Additional Drink at Clothing Swap w/ Katy (had 1 free drink, wanted another!) $8.00 $191.00
3/15/12 Lunch (the one I brought wasn't very yummy again) $8.00 $199.00
3/17/12 Large Green Beer (while at Breckenridge) $6.00 $205.00
3/23/12 Lunch (I REALLY wanted to go & get an Arepas today!) $6.00 $211.00
3/21/12 2 bottles of wine (I used gift card money!  WOOT!) $20.00 $231.00
3/27/12 Glass of wine or beer / Queso & chips (I REALLY needed this today…) $10.00 $241.00
3/28/12 Hunger Games movie ticket (my mom treated me!)  $12.00 $253.00
3/29/12 TJ Maxx (I had $3 left on a gift card, but wanted much more than that) $20.00 $273.00
3/29/12 Bottle of wine (John got it) $11.00 $284.00

So I did not spend $284.00 this month!  Not too bad if I say so myself.
It also means that since the end of February (to the end of March), I've paid off $1,285.29!! 

Woooooohooooooo!!!  That's great news.  In total since I started the spending fast 3 months ago in January, I have paid off a whopping $2,664.69 off my debt. 

I'm almost to the $3k mark!!  It's so close I can taste it!!  And it's also amazing how much money you can save up when you really put your mind to it, huh? :) 

For more information about the Spending Fast and inspiration - visit And Then She Saved!

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Tara said...

So awesome! So proud of you! I should consider doing this ;-)