Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Cat's $20 of Birthday Money got me...

My friend Cat gave me $20 for my birthday.  In the card, she wrote: 

Things you can spend this money on: 
- hookers
- blow
- eyelashes
- eating out

Things you can NOT spend this money on:
- bills
- John's cookie habit
- Groceries

I demand pictures or proof of whatever you get. <3  Happy Birthday!

Well, Cat - I did just that.  Here are the things that I enjoyed (thoroughly) with your investment: 

You bought a DELICIOUS Qdoba dinner for John and I!  I had a 2-for-1 coupon that I used, so it got us dinner for two (for the price of one).  Yay!

photo credit:  Newell Jones + Jones Photography

You got me a $5 ticket to the Accessories Swap!!  Katy came with me, and we had an amazing time.  I got a free glass of wine for getting there early enough, and my purse design won me a FREE PURSE from handbags.com!  So that $5 actually got me wine, 10 awesome accessories (that I exchanged with some of my own), and a free brand-new handbag!  Not too shabby.

A scoop of pralines & cream ice cream, on a beautiful Spring day.

A big ol' bag of TWIZZLERS for the long car ride up to the mountains!

And last (but not least), a delicious beer that I enjoyed while taking a break from a ridiculously fun day of snowboarding at Breckenridge.

Cat, that $20 went a lot longer than I thought it would - and it was a wonderful gift! :)  Thank you for getting a broke girl like me to so many little treats.  It made me very happy. 


Venessa said...

Awww, this makes me so happy! I wish my broke ass could have got you more, but I'm impressed with everything you did!! Gives me hope for having fun on a budget!

Beth B said...

Heck yeah!! It was the perfect amount, honestly - I can definitely stretch a dollar! ;) It was so much fun - thank you for giving me the opportunity to do it. I think I'll actually start taking pictures of the fun I had with b-day money from now on! Haha!