Monday, March 12, 2012

Accessories Swap (and SPRING is here!)

Over the weekend, Katy and I went to the Accessories Swap in Denver at the Curtis Hotel.  It was $5 to get in (thanks, Cat A Combs - this is one of the things I used the b-day money you gave me for!), and you could bring up to 10 items to exchange for other items.  It was SO much fun!  

Here's how it works: 
You go through your gently-used accessories (shoes, bags, purses, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, belts, scarves, hats, etc.) and bring them along with you.  They had "inspectors" to go through your stuff, then they set them up at tables according to what type of accessories they are.  

If you brought 10 items, you get to pick out 10 new items (well, new to you!) from the tables to take home with you!  If you brought 6, you take home 6, and so on.  Pretty genius!  

Since Katy & I got there early enough, we each got a free drink ticket.  So we both got a glass of Chardonnay, and were handed purses to "design" (aka - act like kids and color stuff).  The top winners got free AWESOME handbags from!  Pretty rad, huh? 

We chatted with some of the other girls there, got our picture taken at the photo booth, and ran into the videographer for Katy's wedding there who was working the event!  They even had a manicure station set up, a DJ, and a button-making station (I made one with skeletons on it, and Katy made one with $100 bills on it.  Haha!). 


We were also given buttons from And Then She Saved - the blog started by Anna Newell Jones that inspired me to start my spending fast!  She was there, and I was so thrilled to meet her.  More on that later! :) 

This is the purse that I designed... cute huh? ;)  I told the girls I was inspired by Betsey Johnson (true, by the way).  And guess what?  Both Katy & I WON the design contest!!  How awesome is that?  There were other winners too, but we were pretty thrilled that both of ours got chosen.  We each won a free handbag!  Cat, your $5 went farther than I thought it would!   Haha!  

Cuppy-cakes for the taking?  YES PLEASE!!  I love this photo of Katy... she hates it.  Ah well, it still gets a spot on the blog. :) 

The swap tables just before we got in there!  There was some pretty amazing stuff, honestly - I came out with a few necklaces, some pretty amazing rhinestone dangly earrings (about 3 pairs), 1 messenger bag (with TONS of pockets!), a black handbag (totally needed one of those), and my most favorite thing of all - a pair of black high-heeled CROCS!!  

Man, I'm getting old if that's the thing I was most excited about.  Haha!  They're amazing though - and SO comfy.  You'd never know that they are Crocs!!  

OH and we had to get a picture with these two ladies!!  Katy knew them from high school, and we ran into them there.  The names go as follows (which is why I needed a picture):  Beth, Katy, Katie, Beth.  Haha! 

Me and Anna from "And Then She Saved"!  It was so great to meet her and tell her how much her blog inspired me to start my own Spending Fast.  She was super sweet, and so much fun to chat with!  Turns out her sister actually plays roller derby too - how rad is that?  It was totally the cherry on top of the evening.  


On another note, it has been absolutely GORGEOUS weather-wise in Denver lately!  I finally took Audrey 2 (my little pink scooter) to the repair shop to get her ready for Spring - so hopefully she'll be as good as new soon!  

This is the other pair of pants I got with my gift certificate from H&M.  Very Springy, eh?  I was enjoying the sunshine on my break (reading outside is one of my favorite things to do when it's nice outside), and decided to snap a pic.  There's my crappy flip-phone I've been using too since I lost my good one on the slopes - haha!  Hey, it works. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, and that you're enjoying the sunshine too! :)


Kendra said...

there's so much goodness bursting out of this post!

1. an accessories swap is the best idea ever.

2. best friends to go with.


4. meeting your muse.

5. cupcakes.

6. scooter repairs and sunshine and FLORAL PANTS!

Beth B said...

Haha! Thanks, Kendra! :D
1.) I know - totally right?? I'll let you know of the next clothing exchange we do. It's SO much fun (we do accessories too).

2.) Heck yeah!

3.) I can't WAIT to show my purse to you! I wish it was the one I actually designed... ;)

4.) Yah, that was pretty rad for sure.

5.) Who doesn't love cupcakes? Especially BLUE FROSTED cupcakes??


Anna said...

It was so great to meet YOU Beth! To see someone taking charge of their life, that's freaking awesome!

Loving the sunshine too!
Happy weekend!
xo Anna

Beth B said...

AWW!! Thank you so much, Anna!! :D That totally made my day.
Hope you had an awesome weekend too!