Monday, April 2, 2012

Cutie-Cute Girlies - Round 3!

Since I was looking up all kinds of cute & fun hairstyles yesterday, I came across many adorable pictures of cutie-cute girlies!  I'm also getting inspired on more tattoo ideas (obviously), which is frustrating since I can't get any more of them finished until I get my debt paid off!  

Dagnabit! ;) 

Anyhoodle, how about some pics of some lovely ladies to brighten up your day? 

Big nerdy glasses, lip piercing, pretty face - love it!  :)

I just adore this photo.  She looks so classic!  Love her hairstyle, and the octopus tattoo is RADNESS.  I really want my next tattoo on my arm to be an octopus - all in blue ink though.  I can't wait!

I just love her blue hair!  Totally gorgeous.

I normally hate taken-in-the-bathroom-with-an-iPhone photos, but this girlie just looks too cute!  Love her short hair & nerdy glasses.

Just beautiful... I'd never get a tattoo on my head, but MAN I love when a girl can rock that.

I love the messy-bun look!  Someday my hair will be long enough to do this, and just have hair all over the place.  I think it's just gorgeous!

This girl is my absolute favorite.  I LOVE how beautiful she looks with a shaved head!!  Someday I'll get the guts to do it myself.... someday... she looks totally stunning!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! <3

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