Monday, April 9, 2012

Weght Loss - Tracking Idea

While strolling down Pinterest lane the other day, I came across a pretty rad idea!

What a great visual motivator!!  As you might know, I'm a very visual person - hence the reason why I started my "money I'm NOT spending" tracking sheet for my Spending Fast (and the reason why I love Pinterest so much). ;)  I need a little bit more than the average bear to actually motivate myself - I need to SEE where my money is going.  So this is going to work in a similar way for me!

I decided to whip up a couple of my own, with re-used jars I had in my cabinet.

Now, I don't really have that much to lose.  In my New Year's Resolution for this year, I originally wanted to lose 40 pounds.  Well luckily I'm still down my first 10, which I just discovered this morning (WOOT!), and I decided that 20 more pounds would make me very happy = 30 pounds total.

To be honest, 40 was kind of a pipe dream, and I don't think it would've been terribly healthy for me either.  Right now I'm at 170 lbs, and am still very insecure about my tummy pooch (everyone has their most hated area - that is mine for sure).  The lowest I've ever gotten weight-wise in my adult life was about 143, and I was struggling to stay at that weight.  I'd rather have a few extra pounds on me and be happy, ya know!?  :)

I set the lil' jars on my window sill in my bathroom (between all of my pretty little plants).  Just so that I would see them every day, and remind myself to check in on how I am doing!  I also didn't have anything cool like pretty marbles - I had to think "what do I have that can be counted.... PENNIES!" so that's what I used.

Looking at it now though, 20 pennies look pretty pathetic!  Ha!  I'm going to have to try something else when I get home. ;)  I have a lot of wine corks saved that I was going to use for a project, so maybe some pretty painted corks will do the trick.

And they TOTALLY did!  Ha!

Yes, that means that I lost 1 pound over the weekend too.  :)  WOOHOO!

I just took some corks that we'd saved, and cut them in half.  Then I used some colored markers to doodle on them to make 'em a little prettier.  I think they turned out great!

I'm making little changes in my life to take the extra weight off.  I'm trying really hard to make good choices with every meal.  Here's hoping I can make it stay off this time! :) 


Hannah DeVries said...

What a great idea! I may have to steal it:)

Beth B said...

Totally steal it! I did. :) Haha!

Honeybee said...

This is great idea to motivate me. Perhaps I need to steal these ideas too!