Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday - Dinner with the Family

My family celebrates Easter in a pretty laid-back way since we're not very religious.  We just enjoy having dinner together!  :)  So Sunday evening, John, Taryn & I headed down to the parent's house to help with the cooking, and to enjoy a lovely dinner. 

Deb & Mom prepping some of the goodies!

Mmmmm - wine.  I may have had one glass too many, but wine + holidays = fun!  I do love me some wine!

Gabbin' in the kitchen while getting the rest of the meal together...

This is us "helping".  I swear. ;)

My lil' sis, Taryn.  What a cutie-pie!!

Mmmm-yum!!  Dinnertime!

My mom made Meatless-Loaf which I absolutely MUST get the recipe for.  It was super delicious, and she topped it with fresh basil from her plant in the kitchen.  YUM!

A simple (yet oh-so-delicious) seitan recipe - topped with my famous vegan gravy!

Overall a wonderful evening with family & friends. :)

That night we headed home and watched Unchained Reaction on the Discovery channel, then the making of Frozen Planet (which was fascinating).  I got 1/2 way through Mythbusters before I couldn't keep my drooping eyelids open anymore.  

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend too! 

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