Friday, April 6, 2012

Clothing Swap!!

The other night I went to a Clothing Swap with my girlfriends.  It was SO much fun - and reminded me a lot about the Accessories Swap that Katy & I attended just last month!  This time it was clothing AND accessories though. 

I have to admit - I really needed to search my closet for stuff to donate for this!  I'd already done a pretty decent clean-out before, but there were a few things that I'd been holding onto for a while that needed to go.  It worked a similar way as the other swap - but you got "dollars" to spend on items depending on the quality of what you brought.  They sure did go a long way though! :) 

Katy just arriving at the Swap.  They had quite a spread of food there, matched with wine pairings - I was very impressed!  The cheese and snacks were totally delicious. 

They also had beautiful little tulips everywhere - such a lovely touch! :) 

The girls - mingling before the swap.  This was actually held at an interior design firm - their offices were absolutely GORGEOUS.  I wish I worked in such a cool space!  They were so open and airy - it just felt so bright and happy in there.  Very different from the basement I work in every day! 

They did a great job of organizing the clothes, and making it seem like we were actually in a store!  Everything looked so nice hung up on hangers, and on mannequins.  It made me think of our swaps we do at people's houses... everything is usually just tossed on a bed.  Ha! 

Katy totally snagged that black flowered dress in the pic too.  It looks ridiculously cute on her! 

Yes, they have a water feature in their office - filled with fish.  Could I be any more jealous?  Probably not. ;) 

Champagne & cupcakes?  Don't mind if I do!!  I actually brought a white chocolate macadamia nut cupcake home for John, but I totally ate almost the entire thing before he got home.  Whoops.  It was SO GOOD though!  I mean, did you hear what I said?  White chocolate macadamia nut.  I'm only human, people. 

Once the clothing swap began, I didn't take many photos.  I was too busy grabbin' up all the goodies!  I found some SUPER cute clothes, and I'm very excited about them.  2 of them are rompers (pants / shorts attached to a tube top) which I'm totally in LOVE with.  I can't wait to wear them!  

I also got a couple of gorgeous black dresses (one fits me absolutely perfectly - I couldn't believe it), a pair of diamond-sparkly hoop earrings, a pair of Lucky jeans, and a purple top.  Considering that everything was pretty much free (in exchange for my stuff), I felt like I got a hell of a deal!  

Once I got over my "shopping" high, a lot of us returned to the wine and the food...

This is the water they had set out for us - isn't it just lovely?  I have seen cucumber water many times before, but strawberry water!?  I had to try it - it was super light and refreshing, and I will definitely need to make it for summertime.  It was absolutely scrumptious! 

Two SUPER rad girls that Katy & I met while we were there!  Abby is on the left of Katy, and Danielle is on the right.  We had so much fun chatting with them!  They're pretty awesome. :) 

All-in-all it was a wonderful event.  I'm so glad that Geneva told us about it!  I guess they do it annually, so I really hope I can make it to next year's as well.  It was a total blast and we met some pretty great people.  Now I have to figure out where to wear my new treasures!  

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