Thursday, May 31, 2012

Picnic Lunch with the Girls (and Cayden)

The week before I left on my trip, some of my girlfriends and I met up for a little picnic lunch in the park! 

We used to go to Illegal Pete's for burritos all the time, but since I'm on this no-spending-kick and it's been so gorgeous outside, everyone was more than happy to do a picnic instead. 

I love - LOVE that just about every one of us rode our bikes to get there.  How great is that? :) 

Mmmmm - lunchtime!  I love how everyone brought such healthy lunches too - my friends definitely know the good stuff! 

Mister Cayden - the only guy allowed to join us that afternoon! :)

Katy playin' with little Cayden.  He was being all squirmy, and she kept saying "No!  You will cuddle with me!"  It was hilarious.  He giggled and squirmed more and we all laughed. 

It was a wonderful way to break up our work day!  Always nice to see some friends and enjoy some beautiful weather during the week. :)

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