Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Backyard Decorating - short-term results!

Remember how I was looking for outside decorating ideas in this post for my sister's graduation?  Well apparently a LOT of other people have been looking for some inspiration, 'cause that post has gotten a lot of hits!  Fun! 

Glad I'm not the only one needing help in that area... 

But I did get my backyard decorating done (on a very tight / nonexistent budget, of course), and here are the results! 



Now, I know it's not a HUGE difference or anything, but I was happy with what I could do for my sister's party!  The picnic table has been wonderful - although I still need to paint it, it was a great find (Craigslist, $40)!  

The cloth banner is all thanks to Kendra - she used it at her wedding, and lent it to me for the party.  It really helped tie everything together, and I think it looked super cute!  

I would love to get some more permanent-ish furniture out there (as opposed to camping chairs), but these did for now (donated by my lovely parents).  

My dad even gave us some rad little Chinese lanterns on a string to hang alongside the house - they really looked wonderful, and the glow was warm and lovely at night.  

And of course, the fire pit helped with that too once the party started dwindling down to the last party-goers...

I know everyone looks bored here, but this is actually "relaxed".  Or "drunk" - one of the two.  Haha! 


Kendra said...

The backyard looked SO good, Beth! I think the "after" pic is pretty drastic, actually, you did such a good job.

And I know my friend Val who made the banner for our wedding will appreciate it getting some extra use!

Beth B said...

Awww thank you, Kendra!! :D I hope with a few more touches here and there it will be the little outdoor refuge I know it can be!

Yes, please tell Val THANK YOU for me!! It really pulled everything together. :)