Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spending Fast Update: 4 Months Down - 8 to Go!

This month began all the spring-time-fun-stuff, which made it challenging for me to not spend money!  Luckily going to the park & playing outdoors doesn't cost anything, so I've been finding my own ways around it.  

I realized this month that because of the spending fast (and because of doing Weight Watchers again for the last couple of weeks), that I've been drinking a LOT less alcohol.  I mean, I don't think I drank that often before but I guess I drank a bit more than I thought!  Now I can actually feel a bit lightheaded after only a couple of drinks, and honestly it makes me want to stop all together when I start feeling that way.  It's kind of an awesome thing actually, and I was SO PROUD of myself over this past weekend. 

My sister bought John and I a big ol' case of light beer to kind of pay us back for letting her stay with us for free for the past month.  I was so excited about chillin' out and drinking a few this past weekend, but I was out of "cheat points" for my Weight Watchers plan!  I was dissapointed at first, but I realized that I could have them next week if I wanted to - I just had to be good this weekend and stick to my plan.  And I managed to make it through Saturday AND Sunday without having one beer - and it felt GREAT. 

GO ME!! :D 

Here's my recap for April for money that I DIDN'T spend (but wanted to):


Date Not buying Approx $ not spent Total $ Saved
4/1/12 Derby Dues  $50.00 $50.00
4/3/12 Wine for movie! (Taryn's treat) $7.00 $57.00
4/4/12 Dinner with Renee & Katy (we brought stuff to share instead of going out) $25.00 $82.00
4/5/12 Clothing swap (instead of shopping!) $80.00 $162.00
4/6/12 Drink at Jackson's $5.00 $167.00
4/6/12 Drink at Mile High Sci-Fi $4.00 $171.00
4/10/12 Didn't go to a show that only cost $1.  How lame am I?! $1.00 $172.00
4/12/12 Really wanted a coffee on the way to work this morning $4.00 $176.00
4/12/12 Really REALLY wanted to order take-out instead of cooking $30.00 $206.00
4/14/12 Sean's Birthday - would've gotten a drink $6.00 $212.00
4/14/12 Falling Rock - wanted to stay & get a drink $6.00 $218.00
4/13/12 Wanted to get a bottle of wine to bring to friend's house $10.00 $228.00
4/22/12 Thai take-out (Taryn got dinner for the two of us instead) $15.00 $243.00
4/27/12 Lightrail Pass (took Taryn's school ID instead) $10.00 $253.00
4/27/12 Snack (really wanted one today - ice cream, anything!) $6.00 $259.00
4/28/12 Brunch (was going to go out) $20.00 $279.00
4/29/12 Concert - I really wanted to go to this! (April Smith & the Great Picture Show) $10.00 $289.00
4/27/12 Glass of Wine at a play (mom bought instead) $7.00 $296.00

Unfortunately I haven't paid as much off my debt as I've wanted to this month, due to a couple unforeseen circumstances (a late 1099 that I had to pay taxes on, insurance I didn't know I'd have to be paying, etc).  

But the GOOD news is, that I'm only $88 away from being BELOW the $10k mark.  I haven't been below that mark in a very long time.  At least 3-years, I think.  So I am pretty sure I'll be doing a little celebration dance when I get down into the $9k range.  :) 

As always - thanks to everyone for your continued support & encouragement!! 

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