Friday, May 4, 2012

Best Reading Spot in Denver

About a month ago I discovered the perfect reading spot in downtown Denver.

It's down by the Platte River Trail, right across the street from DU's Auraria campus.  I used to read at one of the tables in Writer's Square, but I kept getting interrupted by someone trying to sell me hair care products, or trying to get me to sign a Greenpeace petition, or a crackhead asking for money (the ones who ask are definitely on something, trust me).  There's nothing I hate more than getting asked for my money - especially when I'm reading on my lunch break!

Sigh - finally a place where I can be at peace with my book! 

I love listening to the babbling river, and so far (knock on wood), I haven't been approached by anyone for money.  WIN!

A beautiful day for reading.

And there's a shady spot under a tree that makes it even more perfect!
Sometimes there's a guy that sits and smokes a cigar nearby - or someone sits near me that smokes cigarettes - both are equally annoying, and make me have to move.  (Ugh, why do people still smoke?  It's SO. GROSS.  And as a former smoker myself, I believe it should be illegal to smoke EVERYWHERE.  It ruins the fresh air, if you ask me.)

Sunshine, a rainbow scarf, a little bit of shade, and a good book.  That's my favorite way to take a break from work. :)

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