Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hairdye Inspiration!

I've been thinking about changing my hair for a little while now.  I still want to grow my hair out, so cutting it won't really work right now - therefore I must turn to fun hairdye!

This is the initial photo I found that inspired me.... 

My hair is so similar to hers right now (with the length, and the bangs), the only difference is the little highlighting at the bottom - I kind of love it!  Very subtle, but kind of awesome.  That got me thinking of gettin' myself some bleach again, and lightening the tips of my hair at the bottom! 

This is more like dark roots over bleached hair, but it still looks pretty rad. 

This is how I imagine it would look when I started growing it out (snipping the lighter ends, or just dyeing light brown color over top).  I like the fade a lot! 

This is a bit drastic, but kind of fun / funky!!  Definitely not what I'm going for, but I came across it, and thought it was fun. 

Dyed tips on lighter / dirty blonde hair.  Love it. 

I've always LOVED Drew Barrymore's hair.  This is a messy look for her, but again, I'm loving the lightened ends! 

I was also thinking that once I got tired of the blonde tips, I could add some kind of funky color to it to spice things up!  Maybe something bright red or orange? 

I actually kind of love this turquoise color with the black though - those colors have always looked gorgeous together!  Fun! 

I've never been a big fan of the super yellow dye, but this girl kind of rocks it.  Not for me, but I love it on her! 

I'm certainly not a blonde, but I love these subtle pink tips over the blonde hair.  SO gorgeous, and what a fun yet gentle addition of color! 

So we'll see.... maybe by tomorrow I'll have a new style to show you!  :) 

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