Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Dinner - and a leisurely breakfast

I was on a flight for most of the day on Memorial Day, so I was pretty tuckered out when I got home.  I thought about going to join some friends for a cookout, but honestly I just wanted to stay put, and spend time with my fella. 

So that's exactly what happened.  And it was great! 

We watched some TV, ran a few errands, John took a nap while I cooked up some food staples for the week and did the dishes, then we made some dinner. 

Vino, anyone?  Haha!

We grilled up some veggie burgers, and John made his famous fresh salsa.  I also cooked up some green beans, and made a little quinoa dessert with coconut milk, honey, granola, and fresh fruit.  It was so yummy. 

We even let Fudge come out and wander around in the yard while we ate.  He's not usually allowed outside - he's definitely an indoor cat.  We worry about him too 'cause he doesn't have any claws, and there are some strays that like to hang around the neighborhood, and we wouldn't want to leave him defenseless if he got into a scuffle.  

But now he loves coming outside so much that he meows SO LOUDLY at the door every time we go outside, that we practically have to let him out now!  Such a whiner.  Ha! 

I was going to crop my feet & John out of this picture, but I think it looks kind of awesome.  :)  Our veggie burgers were still cookin' on the grill at this point, of course. 

The wine we had was the Gnarly Head Zinfandel - it was SO GOOD.  Really rich and full of flavor!  John had never had a Zinfandel before, and he really liked it.  

Oh, John - such a ham. ;)  Haha!  
Those burgers were pretty darn good, too! 

Fudge even got to roll around on the sidewalk.  He was in heaven.  And very very dirty. 
All-in-all a wonderful Memorial Day! 


This morning I woke up and realized that since I've been feeling a tad bit under-the-weather, I still got up early enough to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  It was a wonderful surprise, as normally I get up early so that I can do my workout and start my day.  I usually don't have time to sit down and eat - and since I didn't workout this morning (I want to be totally over this cold first), I got to enjoy my meal slowly! 

I made some grits on Memorial Day (man, they take a while to make from scratch, but they are SO worth it), so I had a pile of them with 2 scrambled eggs (from a local farm - they were amazing), some sliced avocado, and hot sauce.  Toast rounded it out with unsalted butter & strawberry jam. 

I even had a cup of P&G Tips tea with soymilk & honey - yum yum!!  It was perfect!

I sat and enjoyed it all while reading No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy.  I got hooked on the author after reading The Road for our last book club book.  He's truly an amazing writer, and I think the film version by the Coen Brothers definitely did it justice.  I'm about halfway through now, and really enjoying it.  

After enjoying my breakfast, I walked into work and enjoyed all the flowers.  
A wonderful way to start the day!  

Now if only I could get up at 5:00am every day to do my workout AND have a leisurely breakfast!  HA!  

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