Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving on - Living life!

Well, I'm finally back in town after a rough couple of weeks.  I can't even explain how good it feels to be home.  My friends and family are so amazing too - the support and love they've showed me throughout this rough time in my life (and John's), has been phenomenal.  I'm so lucky. 

And now it's time to pick up the pieces and move on.  Challenge myself, strive to be happy every day, and love as much as I possibly can.  Because if there's anything the past couple of weeks has taught me, it's that life is precious - and there is SO much of it to enjoy every day.  And I'm going to do just that. 

Firstly, I am going to get my Spending Fast up & running again.  It was difficult not spending while we were in Oklahoma as we packed in a rush, and I certainly didn't pack enough for 2 weeks away.  I also found some amazing shoes that I bought as retail therapy (no really, they're amazing - you'll see).  But I want to be free of this so that I can do all of the things that I want to do - without worrying about money holding me back.  I can do this.  I can be free. 

Secondly, I'm going to get back on top of eating well, green, locally, and happily.  Less sugar and fat, more fruits & veggies.  All that good stuff. 

Thirdly, jogging.  We did some jogging while we were away (John was awesome at this - I'm so glad he's doing it again!) - but I had a rough time.  Mostly because I was pretty out of my element, and it's so unbelievably hot & humid in Oklahoma (even early in the morning!) that I kept feeling overheated and exhausted.  So I'm going to get back into it again here in Colorado, as well as doing more yoga.  'Cause yoga makes me feel so amazing, and truly puts me at peace with myself.  It's time to bring it back again. 

And so - on with life!  On with living it!  On with being me!  :) 


Kendra said...

You were very missed Beth! I'm so glad you are back and I can't wait to see you next.

Maggy said...

Beth I am so sorry to hear about John's Mom. I've been there and it's, well - there's no words for it huh? I think that giving yourself some food and spending grace is no big deal and I am sure your shoes are to die for. :) Have a lovely jogging (pre sun scorch) and eating green weekend!

Beth B said...

Thanks ladies - I appreciate it!! Thanks for sending the love! :) <3