Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Funday / Sister's Birthday / Book Club!

Time to play a bit of catch-up! :)

A couple of weekends ago my friends all gathered for "Sunday Funday" in Wash Park.  We used to do these pretty much every Sunday during the summer, but everyone has been so busy that our first of the summer kind of ended up being the last!  Whoops!  

We still had a great time - there were plenty of games to be played, and plenty of catching-up to do with everyone.  It cooled off a lot at night too which was great! 

Oh my gosh - I'm such a dork.  Haha! 
I kind of love this picture of Katy & George!  Aren't they just gorgeous? 

What a beautiful evening, and a great way to round out the summer! 

This past weekend was quite fun in itself!  Thursday was my little sister's birthday, so we met up in the morning before I had to go to work.  We went to Watercourse (just one of our most favorite restaurants in Denver), and when the server found out it was Taryn's birthday, he brought her a little surprise! 

Yeah, that's a vegan sweet potato cinnamon roll.  That's what I call a happy birthday!

On Sunday we had Book Club - we read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland last month.  We also welcomed our newest member, Kendra!  Check out her blog A Grimm Tale - she just moved to Denver, and we loved that she wanted to join our little club.  She rocks! 

This pic is blurry, but Lauren decided to dress very Alice in Wonderland -like for the meeting.  It was totally adorable! 

Nikki also brought her little one, Nico - who was just born in July!  My mom couldn't stop asking about him - I think she was just thrilled to hold the little guy.  He's so adorable!!

Adorable AND fashionable! :) 

Remember those sweet potato cinnamon rolls I just mentioned from Taryn's birthday breakfast?  Lauren brought some to Book Club.  YUM!!!  I can never get enough of those!  All the other food was delicious too - I just wish I would've thought to take a picture before I started eating it.  I have no willpower. ;) 

There's Kendra - our newest member!  YAY! 
We sure do love talking about books!!

Hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did! :)


Kendra said...

books ARE fun! loved spending my sunday morning with you girls. already looking forward to next month!

Hannah DeVries said...

Do you have to apply to be in this book club? I'm a little jealous.

Beth B said...

Haha! No, we're just a group o' girls that loves books (and food). ;) We've had some people come & go for a couple of meetings, but the main core of the group has stayed, and I absolutely love it. Book clubs are the BEST! :)