Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black Swan

I finally watched "Black Swan" which I've been meaning to do since...oh, it came out in theaters? 

I actually rented it from the library, so naturally it took about 3 months to come in.  But it was worth the wait (and free no less)! ;) 

This was definitely an intense film.  Really beautifully shot, and Natalie Portman absolutely blew me away.  I mean, this girl is amazing.  And Mila Kunis was awesome too as her opposite!  I was very impressed with everything about this film.  It was dark, and strange and creepy - but really worth watching.  Click here for a great review and interpretation of it!

You can really tell that these girls worked their asses off to portray experienced dancers too.  And I didn't think that their bodies could get any tinier but they totally did.  And muscular - WOW!  I have heard that Natalie Portman was criticized because she used a body double in a couple of scenes.  Gimme a BREAK people!  This girl clearly worked unbelievably hard for this role, and so what if she used a double - she still did most of the work herself. 

I still don't know how people can move their bodies the way that dancers do - or deal with the pain and stress of it all at the same time.  Dancers are the most amazing (and most graceful) athletes on the planet! 

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