Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYC Visit - Big Sister & the Big Apple!

These photos are long overdue, and look at that, I'm finally posting 'em!  
I visited my big sis in NY at the end of August, and we had an absolute blast.  Here are the photos to prove just that! 

Since my big sis now lives in Astoria, I first took a tour around the neighborhood with her BF, Rob.  This is the public pool just down the street from them (I can't believe that it's FREE!  Even our public pool isn't free!).  Unfortunately I didn't get to make it to the pool, but it was still a pretty rad view of the city from there. 

Rob took me to Amber's work, where we promptly went out for happy hour.  My derby friend Queen Elizabitch just happened to be in town too for her birthday (AWESOME), so we all met up for drinks, then headed to a very special bookstore...
(Amber & I at the bookstore)

Where we met Hannah from MY DRUNK KITCHEN!!! I found out she was giving a talk there a while ago, and we decided to go and check it out.  She's absolutely hilarious, and just as witty and friendly in person as she seems in her videos.  I told her I wanted to be her best friend - to which she replied "Okay!"  (if you haven't seen her videos, do yourself a favor, and click here.  Start with Episode 1, and continue on.  If you're not in a fit of giggles by the end, then you're probably a robot, and I must destroy you.)
"Let's make a pyramid!  And I'll be the Pharoh.  Why do I feel like such an angry Pharoh?"
Yeah, that was definitely a highlight. :) 

The happy pyramid! 

To save moolah, Amber & I made some breakfasts at home.  Yeah, it was as good as it looks!  Fake sausage patties, poached eggs, heirloom tomatoes from Rob's mom's garden, fresh spinach, and cottage cheese.  YUM. 

The next day, while we were walkin' down the street - I found a Boba Tea stand and freaked out.  I haven't had Boba Tea in FOREVER, and I had to stop and get one!  $3 later I slurped down my icy & refreshing coconut drink.  I was so pleased, I had Amber snap a picture. 

We then headed to the something something pier (crap - I can never remember the name!) and shopped around.  It was amazing to me how buzzing it was - and what a super rad place!

I loved the contrast of boats & buildings - it was kind of strange but awesome at the same time.  Amber said it made her remember that this was still an island! 

This is what I like to call "Muppet Face".  It runs in the family!

After wandering around a bit, we met up with my lovely friend Katie at her apartment!  This is the view from her window - crazy cool, huh? 
Katie used to be in our Book Club here in Denver, but she moved to NY a little while ago.  Her husband travels a lot for his work, so they get to go to some amazing places!  It was really wonderful to see her - she's such a breath of fresh air, and so much fun to talk to. 

We decided to grab some drinks and a snack just down the street from Katie's apartment.  Apparently this is the "oldest street in New York City" - they actually have it closed off to traffic, so all of the restaurants have picnic tables out front where everyone gathers.  It reminded me so much of Italy - I loved it! 
Delicious cheese platter, and a beer flight!  I thought it was funny that the Colorado beer was Blue Moon - it's just so normal here, but not in New York! ;)  I think my favorite was Magic Hat Brewing Company's #9 beer - which unfortunately is not available in Colorado yet.  Dagnabit! 

I wish I could spend every afternoon this way!  We had a wonderful time!
After visiting with Katie, she had to run off to a conference call, so we had a look at the Brooklyn Bridge from the pier, then went on our merry way.  I may have bought some pink Crocs too.  Don't worry, they're the cute kind - and OH so comfortable!! 

Amber had to run off for an audition, so I got to wander around for a bit.  I had to stop at Times Square again, but it didn't bring about the thrill that it did the first time I was there.  Sure it was still pretty amazing, but I found that the crowds of people just kind of annoyed me.  There is so much more to New York than this, and I think what I love more is all of those little places that are less obvious and flashy!  Although the flashy can be fun too. :) 

This is the next day - Amber and I went for a jog in the morning by her apartment (around the track - it was fantastic, and so much fun to jog with my sister which I've NEVER done before!).  We were getting ready to head to the train station for Long Island where Rob was performing in Hairspray so we stopped at this amazing Thai place just around the corner.  It was SO GOOD!

And Hairspray was AWESOME.  Really, I haven't seen a musical with performers that good in a really long time - that was not on Broadway!  I was totally blown away.  I didn't get pictures though - I just relaxed & enjoyed myself! 
CONEY ISLAND TIME!!!  I told Amber that the one thing I really wanted to do this visit was go to Coney Island.  I love old carnivals, tacky gifts, weird people, old signs and advertisements - so naturally, I was in heaven.  This is for the hot dog eating contest.  Blech!  Haha! 

Mermaids everywhere!  Yay! 

Oh the tacky signs and all of the colors!  So wonderful!

I tried to dress for the occasion - I think it worked out pretty well. 
I thought this little mini-ride for the kids was hilarious.  I think it was probably an 8 foot drop.  So cute!

This guy looks like he's been holding up that burger for a while now...

Now that's some creative advertising! 

After seeing the sights we hit the beach for a couple of hours.  Amber brought some snacks, and we read our books and people watched.  That's my idea of a relaxing & wonderful day. 

Yeah, it was a great day!!

I just love this picture because of all of the sailboats!

I think this is one of my most favorite pictures from that day.  SO weird - and totally fantastic!

It was so darn hot outside that I cooled off with a cherry slushie.  Amber got a rainbow Italian Ice.  

The aftermath. 

I love that they still have all of the old Freak Show signs up!!  I guess they still do them too, but we didn't want to pay to go.  I related to the "Tattooed Girl" one - although I don't think I am quite tattooed enough to make a living off it. 

Yeah, men are pretty strange. ;) 

The next day Amber & I went out for brunch in downtown Astoria.  Holy CRAP it was delicious!  We went to Mexi Q - they had a bottomless mimosa brunch special which we were happy to indulge in!  I got the Mexican eggs benedict - with sweet corn cakes, chipotle hollandaise, and smoked salmon.  It was heavenly. 

This was also the day that I did the most shopping!  I bought boots, new yoga pants, and then the biggest hit - we headed downtown to H&M.  Yeah, that's where my money went!  Considering the fact that I spent about 1/3 of the money I usually spend when I go on trips, I was still pretty happy with myself.  And I got some great stuff too. 

This pic is kinda blurry, but on our way home from shopping it started pouring down rain.  We decided to get groceries, and make dinner!  I made shrimp alfredo with mushrooms, and Amber made the salad.  It was so yummy.  While the rain fell outside, we watched about 6 episodes of "Lost" which I'm now completely hooked on, thanks to Amber!  It's really an amazing show - I can't believe I didn't start watching it sooner!
The next morning I headed back home to Denver.  It was really a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to go.  I love my sister SO MUCH and I miss her like crazy - but it's visits like this one that help make it better.  

Love you, big sis!  XXOO


Sarah said...

I absolutely love Magic Hat # 9! I have at least one every time I'm back in Syracuse! I wish we could get it out here in Denver!

Beth B said...

That's so cool!! Yeah, I totally wish that we had it here. Maybe if enough people ask at Argonauts... ;)