Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween PARTY - Decorating Ideas

I know - not for another month... well more than a month.  But I LOVE Halloween!  

This year me and my fella are throwing a big party, which will be a ton of fun.  I really want to go all out without spending a bunch of dough, so that means I'll need to get pretty crafty.  

I found some great ideas on Martha Stewart's website (which about half of the pictures below are from).  Any more ideas??  Anything would be helpful! 

I think this is a fantastic idea - and so simple!  All it would take is some black paper, a bit of time with scissors, and some tape.  And it looks almost pretty if you ask me! 

This idea would be awesome... if I still drank milk.  Well, I do drink Almond and Soymilk, but those cartons probably wouldn't work quite as well.  Darnit!

I kind of LOVE this idea.  On Martha's website she wants you to make the "mirror" yourself, but I bet just cutting out paper eyes and sticking them to the bathroom mirror would work just as well. 

I love the look of these fake ravens everywhere.  The only thing is that fake birds can get pretty pricey.  Maybe I could create a similar effect with cardboard birds?? 

This is great if most of the light for your party is coming from candles - any other light in the room wouldn't make the shadows.  It's a neat idea though! 

I think this is absolutely hilarious!!  
I think my favorites in this one are the owls.  You'll have to check out Martha's website on how to make 'em though! 

I think these apple "shrunken heads" are a total riot.  And pretty darn cheap to make too!  

OH, and just so you know - this is who I'm thinking of being for Halloween.  It's going to be quite a challenge, but I think I'm up for it!  What's even more hilarious is that John might be going as the exact same person.  Which is even more awesome. :)  

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