Friday, September 16, 2011

Anywhere in the world...

If you had the choice to go anywhere in the world - where would you go? 

My Dad has made a crazy generous offer to his daughters: 
Name a place, and I'll take you - as long as I can come too. 

Last year my little sister went with Daddy to Fiji and Tuvalu... 

Where the heck would you go??  
No, really - I need ideas.  Please help. 

I've been to Italy, France, Scotland, England - I'd really like to go back to those places again and experience them in new ways, but I'd also really like to have an adventure somewhere else... 

Here are some of my ideas: 
I know what you're thinking - "you can go anywhere in the world and you want to go to ALASKA?"  Yes, I do.  Shut up.  It looks beautiful, and I bet there's plenty of wonderful outdoorsy things you can do there!

There we go!  Somewhere outside of the US of A.  And on the other side of the world, no less!  A completely different culture, a language I can't even begin to understand - and some of the most amazing sights to see.  Definitely on the list. 

Sweden / Denmark / Norway
Crap.  My dad has already been to Sweden (and relatively recently too).  I guess I'll have to find another place... unless he'd agree to go again??  I'd love to group together a trip to all 3 of these locations too since they're all attached. ;)

Machu Picchu
This would be one heck of a challenge (for both of us), but I'd love - LOVE - to make the trek up to Machu Picchu.  This picture is enough for me.

The Bahamas
My dad has been here too - but not for a while.  I might take this one off the list though... it would be an amazing choice, but I think I'd rather do this as a "romantic" vacation with my fella. ;)

Oh, how I've always wanted to go to Iceland!!  The volcanic pools, the northern lights, the beautiful scenery.  It looks absolutely amazing.  This is a big one on my list!

That's all I have right now!  Right now Alaska & Iceland are the two that I'm really leaning towards... but we'll see. :)

Where would YOU go? 


Kendra said...

WOW - no, really WOW. what an incredible offer! like you, i'm not certain what i would pick either, though your choices so far are all really good ones! (i'm with you on alaksa, it's beautiful, who wouldn't want to go?!).

Hannah DeVries said...

I vote Iceland!

Beth B said...

My dad actually got really excited about Iceland... so we'll see! I love both options for sure. Of course I'd be more likely to be able to afford a trip to Alaska on my own - not Iceland! HA!

Anna said...

Oooh, so exciting! I've always wanted to go to Cambodia and/or Nepal. Amazing ruins, remote monasteries, beautiful scenery...
Alaska IS pretty awesome though. I went with my daddy too :)

amy said...

i vote for alaska! i have always wanted to go there!!!