Friday, August 6, 2010

Amazing how things change... just a week!!

WOW - remember that funk I was in on
Monday? Today has totally turned things around. I've had one of the best days ever, and it's only 4:00pm!

- Breakfast with one of my favorite people ever, Nikki, at Watercourse.
- Running into 2 more of my favorite people, Geneva & Bill at Watercourse!
- Having lunch with yet ANOTHER one of my favorite people, Katy, at Illegal Pete's.
- Finding out I'm getting a brand-spankin' new pair of skates for a ridiculously cheap price (that actually FIT me!) See the picture below for the reason why I need a new pair of skates in the
first place... that's what happened at practice last night....whoops!

- Finding out I've been moved up to KILL SCOUT status with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (basically meaning I've paid my Newbie dues, and showed my devotion to the league. Newbie no more! WOOT!)
- Knowing that tonight I get to have dinner with all of my amazing derby girls then dance the night away to a live band....

Sigh, nothing makes things better like all of that!! Wowza. I'm ready to take on the world, a baby step at a time. :) It's so comforting to know that no matter how shitty things seem, things can turnaround a lot faster you'd think.

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