Thursday, February 25, 2010


I just came up with that just now. Clever, eh? :)

I leave for NYC in less than a week, and I just can't WAIT! This photo is from my last visit with my big sis (we're downing ginormous $3 beers here - possibly the only alcoholic drink you can get for less than $5 in New York).

My visit is much overdue, as the last time I went out there was 2 years ago. The funny part? My hair is exactly the same as pictured here. OK - to my credit, I did have it cut in a faux-hawk & dyed it red around this time last year. But since then it's grown back, and I've gone back to the same dark cut & heavy bangs that I usually go for!

Anyhoodle, the trip this year is part of my birthday gift to me. If I'm not a lazy travelin' girl I'll even post some blogs about the shenanigans we get into. Hopefully more $3 beers are on the menu!


jakeisfantastic said...

Have fun in NYC!

Also, I really like your blog's layout! Good job!

Beth B said...

Thanks, Jake! I will!
thanks for the blog-props too... I finally made it more personalized, and I'm lovin' it. :)

evita nuh said...

yay! my first visit, and I really enjoying reading your blog! the title of your blog is so true! super awesome blog! :D

Beth B said...

Why thank you, Evita! I must say, I love your blog as well. You have an awesome fashion sense!!