Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I survived & am now Katy Perry

Yep - I did it! I donated my blood, and managed to not faint or barf. I got outta there with my dignity and even a bit of an ego boost!

The nurses were very helpful and informative during my ordeal (there was a moment where I almost passed out towards the end - they quickly rose my foot rest up though, and applied cold compresses since I broke out in a cold sweat). We chatted while my dizziness subsided, and one of the guys said that all day they were playing a "celebrity lookalike" game, where they compared the donors to celebrities. The guy said I was Katy Perry! I took that as quite a compliment, altho
ugh I don't see it.... Maybe it was my curly hair & heavy bangs that they were going off of...

THEN I went to grab my snack, and the male nurse that had complimented me on my haircut when I had first walked in asked me for my phone number! I was shocked, and quite flattered. I felt like quite the hottie after that, albeit dizzy and light headed.

I came outta there 1 pint of blood lighter, and a whole lot happier. I guess the donation procedure gets easier each time you do it, and you can keep doing it about once a month. Each donation can save up to 2 lives - so definitely check into it! It only takes about an hour, and I think that's an hour very well spent. Shit, I sat through "Tron", I think I can spare an hour.

A photo of my teeny little wound. It was cute... the guy gave me a heart ball to squeeze when he was taking my blood pressure. He said, "Hey, a heart with your heart!". Cute.

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