Friday, February 19, 2010

Langhorne Slim - Just gotta love that dude.

Finally FINALLY bloggin' again!
Guess I just needed to take a bit of a breather there! :)

So - last Wednesday (yep, it was that long ago) we attended the Langhorne Slim show at the Hi-Dive in Denver. It was yet another amazing performance, and I swear I get more & more into the music every time I see them.

The opening band was April Smith and the Great Picture show ( Not only was the music beautiful & fun, but April really could belt it out, her lyrics were super clever & witty, and every song got my toe-a-tappin'. I promptly slapped down some cash for their first full-length album after their performance, and shook hands with the lovely songstress herself. She was sweeter than pumpkin pie, and I can't wait to see them again!

Next up was Langhorne Slim, who made us aware that this was the first time that they played a show in Denver where there were so many people in attendance that they wouldn't let any more people in (which I took as meaning that they had sold out). He's so darn clever.

They played yet another amazing show, and we all danced & sang along. He even played one of my favorite songs ever "Collette" and "I Love You, But Goodbye" which I posted as a video on here a little while ago.

Afterwards, Shaun (Shawn / Sean?) came over & chatted with us. He's the nicest boy ever, and so down to earth. We even got on the topic of bathroom reading material which was hilarious. (We discussed the importance of shampoo bottles including interesting stories in case of a bathroom-boredom emergency). So funny!

We snapped a couple of pictures with him (that's my friend Nic who is getting a nose-pickin'), then went along our merry ways.

I highly recommend that you all check this guy out - but buy tickets early! I guess word is getting around about how awesome he is... :)

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