Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Am Legend

I just watched the movie "I Am Legend" for the first time last night, and thought it was pretty darn good. It is so scary to think about what a virus can do to the human race. The way that they can change and mutate to survive, and how quickly they can pass from person to person. The subject has been illustrated numerous times before - a couple of movies that come to my mind are "Outbreak", and one of my favorite zombie flicks, "28 Days Later".

I think one of the most terrifying images was not of the vampire-like creatures, but of the desolation. It was the first scene in this film - and the beginning of "28 Days Later" as well. The long pans of empty streets, abandoned cars... silence. "I Am Legend" really brought out the loneliness too - with Will Smith's character (Neville) talking to mannequins and his only real companion, a dog. I really think his performance was wonderful.

It's definitely an apocalyptic tale, but if you like this genre then be sure and check it out. I like that the story is kind of told backwards too - you don't really know why he's the only one left until you start seeing the flashbacks. It's terrifying and heartbreaking, but a really entertaining story. A great one to discuss!

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