Thursday, February 4, 2010


That's a combination of hair and inspirations. I like it - it's my new word.

I just came across this girl's blog today called Delightfully Tacky through the What I Wore blog which I absolutely adore. Fashion is fun, and these chicks make it look so easy! Anyhoodle, the girl on this Delightfully Tacky page officially has inspired where I want my hair to be someday. I have always loved the blunt bangs, but was worried that my naturally curly & thick noggin' o' hair would look best long without them...

.... but she has SO proven me wrong! Mental calculation of how long it'll take me to grow my hair this long.... um... maybe 3 years? Crap. Oh, well - a girl can dream!

Be sure to check out both the Delightfully Tacky and What I Wore blogs in my "My Favorite Bloggies" section. You won't regret it.

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