Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Party

Our company holiday party is tonight, November 30th.
Yep - it's not even December yet, but we like to get it in good & early!

I joined some of my fellow employees for lunch today, and we started talking about Christmas Parties Past... and how it seems as though every year our employees goof off so badly at the Holiday Party, that more & more things get taken away in the years to come.


They used to rent buses & go up to Central City for gambling & drinking fun. That plan died because a couple of people got a little too rowdy-drunk, & got kicked out of the casinos. Since everyone took the buses there, they had to sit on the buses & wait for everyone else to be done partying before they could ride home & pass out.

The next year they tried to go out in Denver at Dave & Busters. They made such a ruckus, and caused so much trouble, that our boss received a phone call the next day politely asking for us to never return again.

The year after that (and my first year at this job), the holiday party was held at our office. I didn't notice anything too crazy happening that year - except the part where I got completely drunk off my ass, and had to have a friend drive me 40 minutes away from where we started the evening to get home. Oh, and I almost tried to make out with him... even though he's about 15 years my senior. Yah, that wasn't a low moment for me or anything!

The next year we had it at our new location, just South of Denver. It was fun & good times, but the evening ended pretty early so that nobody had time to get into too much trouble....

This year, to prevent any possible mishaps of the past - we are being allowed a 2-drink MAXIMUM. Yep - that's right... nothing past 2 drinks.

Now I know I wasn't at any of the earlier parties, but could anything really have been so bad that we're limited to only 2 drinks? Not saying that I have to have a bunch of drinks to have a good time, or that I don't think the party will be fun. But what will happen next year? No drinks at all? A 7:00pm curfew? Yikes.

Then again, I do have a pretty active imagination... I'm wondering what happened in those previous years now....

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