Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Rainy Baseball Game

A few days ago John got us a couple of tickets to the Cubs / Rockies game, so first we went and had a couple of whiskey gingers and made some muppet-faces for the camera...

...then walked on down to the stadium!

It ended up getting pretty rainy for the game, and we had to put up our umbrella a number of times.  But that didn't deter us at all, and we found it actually pretty fun!

I brought out the trusty ol' rain boots for the occasion too!

I loved looking down at all the colorful umbrellas!
We ended up getting a lot of thunder & lightning (which I loved since we don't see it very often here in Colorado), and the game was delayed and we had to move down from the upper decks due to lightning.  So we walked home in the rain and stopped for a night cap on the way back.

All in all - it was a pretty great date night!  Not too many baseball games left though! :)

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