Friday, October 5, 2012

Yummy Healthy Breakfast

The other day I came up with a pretty darn amazing breakfast!  When I was at the Farmer's Market over the weekend they were giving away samples of Noosa Honey Yogurt with pumpkin butter and it was DELISH. So I made my own breakfast in a similar way! 

I started with some of my homemade granola and topped that with fresh sliced plums from the market.  Then I dolloped on some Noosa honey yogurt, and a couple of spoonfuls of pumpkin butter.  Then I sprinkled everything with Chia seeds.  

It was DELICIOUS, nutritious, and sweet - you should give it a try as well!  Use any kind of fruit you want, and even store bought granola.  It's a great way to start your day! 


Kendra said...

what exactly is pumpkin butter? it sure sounds delicious.

Beth B said...

Just the most delicious thing on the planet!! You can usually find it where the jellies / jams are in the grocery store. It's similar to apple butter in consistency, but it tastes like pumpkin pie that you spread on toast. It usually has brown sugar, cinnamon, and all the usual spices mixed in with pumpkin puree. It's so good - you must try it!