Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spending Fast - 9 months down!

Well this month has been full of changes, but my Spending Fast is still going well!  

My debt has been going down a little more (slowly but surely), but I did realize an area that I've been slacking on - and that's the booze. 

Not that I'm a big boozer or anything, but a bottle of wine here, a pint of beer there - it really adds up!  I've been allowing myself the occasional treat, but it seems that "occasional" has begun to mean "whenever I want it".  Yikes. 

So that's something I need to work on.  Especially with a much smaller paycheck coming in, I will need to be very careful so that I can still get my debt down!  

I don't have a "money not spent" sheet to show you today (I haven't been using it lately since I haven't been on my computer as much lately), but I do have an update on my amounts! :) 

I started out with $13,168.04 of debt at the beginning of this year. 
I'm now left with $7,256.38 as of the end of this month. 

So it's not a huge jump from last month, but it's still dropped!  That's great!  
Therefore, I've paid off $5,911.56 of my debt in the past 9 months.  

The best part is I'm in the $500 range for paying off my largest / highest interest bill - the one that was over $4k when I started this whole thing!  I feel pretty darn happy about that. 

I'll keep plugging away!  I'm glad that when tax season comes I should have a decent amount coming back to me that I can put towards it as well.  Hopefully by the end of next year I'll be 100% debt free - with money in savings too!!  YEAH!  


Anna Newell Jones said...

BETH! This is HUGE!! Congratulations!! You're really doing it!

Beth B said...

AWW - thank you, Anna!! I really appreciate the encouragement. Thank you for starting your blog and inspiring me to do what you did! :) I couldn't have done it without you!