Friday, September 28, 2012


Sorry I haven't been around lately!  This new bakery job keeps me away from my computer a lot, but I kinda like it that way. :)

But AUTUMN has finally arrived!!  I LOVE IT!  It has been rainy rainy rainy in Denver the last few days and I've been totally in love with the change in weather.  My red rain boots have been very happy to get some puddle-sloshing in as well (see pic).

I'm so excited for the changing of the seasons.  The leaves are changing colors, and mornings are brisk and chilly.  We even closed our windows last night and it was still 68 degrees in the house when we woke up!  I just love it.

Halloween is coming up, and I have a pretty hilarious costume planned.  I'm not going to give anything away here just yet though...

As far as the new job goes, I'm just loving it.  I feel like working at a bakery is what I was meant to do.  I love chit-chatting with the customers, decorating cupcakes, and joking around with my new co-workers.  It's a wonderful group of people, and I'm loving every minute of it!

Just for fun, here are some new "fall photos" that I've been tagging on Pinterest lately (when I have time that is).  Haha!

I don't know if this photo was taken in New York, but I like to think it was.  I can't WAIT to see New York in October - I haven't seen the city in the fall yet.  I have a feeling it's going to be awesome!

Oh my, how I LOVE apple season!  I hope the Farmer's Market has apple cider this weekend when I go (fingers crossed)... I love this time of year...

Fall is such a beautiful time to be living in Colorado - especially when the Aspens start changing colors... they are such magnificent trees!

I'm kind of in love with this photo.  Rollerskates AND fall??  YEAH!

Cinnamon & candied apples... yum yum!
I created a new drink at work recently too - caramel apple latte.  I'm sure it's been done before, but I just use the caramel flavoring and the apple flavoring in a regular latte.  I gotta say, it might be even better than a pumpkin spice latte. :)

Knitted gloves & hot apple cider.  Two of my favorite things!
HAPPY AUTUMN, EVERYONE!!  Hope you're enjoying this beautiful time of year!

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