Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Looking for new glasses & the Oscars

Over the weekend I went to SEE to try on some new glasses.  I finally went to an optometrist on Saturday (found out my eyes did get a little worse - figures), and I thought since my insurance covers up to $100 on a pair of frames, that I'd update my look!  

If you'll remember in this post, I've certainly had a new pair of glasses on my brain for a while! 

I went to SEE to check out glasses because if you'll remember in this post, I mentioned how I MUST FIND glasses just like this girl...

She randomly found my blog through a search, and told me that she got them at SEE!  Pretty rad, huh? 
John and I went snowboarding a couple of weekends ago at Breckenridge.  While we were waiting for the bus to go back into town, I saw this girl with super cute glasses really similar to the photo above.  I went up to her and asked her where she got them. 

She said in a very thick (I think British?) accent "I'm not sure - I think it's a chain - it's called 'look' or something?"  To which I replied: "you mean SEE??"  Yep, that was the place!!  Crazy. 

Anyhoodle, I finally went in and tried on some stuff.  Unfortunately everything seemed to be WAY out of my price range (pretty much everything I liked was about $260+... damn, I have expensive taste), but it was fun to try stuff on anyway, and it gave me a better idea of what I'm looking for. 

 These were my FAVORITE.  I just love the cat-eye style, and they're so much more unique than the glasses I usually wear.  I think the purple color is really fun, but I still think I should probably find a more neutral color (like black), since these will most likely be something that I need to match a LOT of my outfits.  And I'm always very concerned about matching! 

These were the ones that the sales girl was really encouraging me to get.  But they were a bit too big for my face, and not as much my style.  I think they'd be super cute on someone else, but they're just not really "me".  Also, John would NEVER let it down about how much of a hipster I am if I got these.  Haha! 

On top of all that, they were $289.  For PLASTIC frames!!  I just don't get it. 

I decided to try the online route since glasses are much cheaper if you can find them through the world wide web.  One website I really liked that has a pretty rad selection is Bon Look - they have a ton of frames all around the $100 range.  With many glasses websites these days, you can upload a pic of yourself and try them on virtually, so that's what I did!  Here are two of my favorites: 

 These are a bit thick for me, but I kind of like the nerdy style!  These are the "Jungle" frames.

And these are by far my favorite so far.  I love the size (if I got that right online), and that the frames aren't TOO thick, but they're slightly cat-eye as well.  On top of all of that, the frames are called "Honeybadger".  Awesome. 

I decided to look around a bit more before ordering, although it is really nice that Bon Look lets you return frames for free (if you don't like them).  Then my friend told me about Warby Parker - they send you up to 5 frames to TRY ON AT HOME!  How awesome is THAT??  They take your credit card (so that they know you won't try & steal 'em), then they ship 'em to you for free.  You try them out, then send 'em back in a pre-paid envelope and make your order.  Awesome!  

So I should be getting some glasses to try on within the next day or so.  I'm totally excited!  Their glasses are all around $100 too which is fantastic.  On top of that, with ever pair purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need.  Rockin'.  


On another note, did you watch the Oscars on Sunday?? I did, and I'm totally not surprised that The Artist totally swept up!  It was such a wonderful film - I wrote about it here.  

I actually had no intention of watching the Oscars, but I just so happened to have the rest of my day free, so I figured "why not?" - I plopped down on the couch with a dirty vodka martini, and enjoyed watching all of the beautiful celebrities. 

Here are my general thoughts on the evening.... 
- Angelina Jolie is WAY too skinny (her arms look like matchsticks)

- Michelle Williams looked GORGEOUS and I really want to cut my hair like hers someday.

- Billy Crystal is an awesome host.  He knows when to be funny, and when to be serious - and he knows when you can make fun of stuff (and people)! 

-  Rooney Mara knows the secret to perfect bangs.  I don't think she has a cowlick at all.  Damn her and her perfect bangs! 


- Emma Stone is friggin' adorable.  

- Gary Oldman needs to win an Oscar.  Like NOW.  I can't believe he hasn't won one yet!!  He's amazing!! 

- When you sit on the couch for 5 hours, it's reallllly hard to fall asleep that night.  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!! :) 

Oscar photos found via a Google Image search. 


Kendra said...

Warby Parker for the win! (though it's hard to not encourage the Honeybadger frames)

Beth B said...

YEAH! I'm going to take pictures when they come in as well. :) I hope they have one that works for me!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE dirty martinis! :) I like the thinner black glasses...if my vote counts. Can't wait to see pictures!

Beth B said...

I need votes for sure! :) And you're so right - dirty martini's are my fave. They hit me pretty hard though, so 1 is plenty! Ha!

Sam Times said...

Those glasses really suits you. And now I find myself thirsty for some dirty martini.