Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have always loved Valentine's Day!  There were times that I initially got bummed out at it's approach in my single days, but I always ended up hanging out with my friends, drinking wine, sharing a meal - and in general having a wonderful time.  Some of my Colorado friends always had an annual "S.A.D." Party (Singles Awareness Day) - which always turned out ridiculously fun and hilarious.  

I think sometimes the general consensus is that Valentine's Day has to be shared with a significant other - a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife.  But you know what?  It totally doesn't!!  MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!  It's about love, people.  Share today with the people you love, and use the time to show them how much you care.  Moms / Dads - take your daughters / sons out to lunch, or to a movie.  Kids, make your parents dinner or cookies tonight!  Take your best friend out for a night on the town.  Give your doggie a big snuggle and a special long walk in the park (and even let him chase the squirrels).  

Love, and life, is what you make of it!  So make this Valentine's Day a special one! 

Mmmm....Valentine's Day cupcakes!  Can't go wrong there...

I just love this illustration - how cool is that??

Awww a heart patch on a kitty face!?  LOVE IT!

Sigh, I just adore Spongebob & Patrick.  They always crack me up something crazy.

From one of my favorite bloggers - Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky!

A beautifully creative breakfast for the holiday?  Yes, please!  Who doesn't love heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes??

A romantic picnic on the roof.  If only it was warm enough to do this in Colorado!

I'm actually one of those people that loves the chalky taste of these little candies.  My favorite is the orange color.  I love to suck on them until they totally dissolve.  Yum num nummers!

Some beautiful RED fashion for the special day! 

And a very special HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to my favorite Cookie Monster, my roommate, my friend, my love - John.  He sure does love his cookies.  And me too, of course. :)

All images found on We Heart It - appropriately enough. :)

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I love it! Thanks for this awesome post today!!