Wednesday, February 1, 2012

UPDATE #2: Komen Foundation gives women the shaft!

I have participated in the Susan G Komen Foundation's "Walk for the Cure" many times.  Their fundraisers have always been a lot of fun, and I've always been more than happy to support a great organization.

As many of you have probably seen through Facebook and on the news, the Komen Foundation has decided to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood.  And to be totally and utterly blunt - I think it's complete BULLSHIT.

I understand that this decision has been made due to some of the practices of Planned Parenthood (ie - abortions).  But you know what?  Planned Parenthood provides breast exams - you know, that procedure that helps to detect signs of breast cancer.  Uhm, isn't that what the Komen Foundation is all about? 

Oh, whoops.  I guess it's more about politics than it is about actually helping women - ALL women - prevent breast cancer. 

Statement from Emilie Ailts, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado on Susan G. Komen Foundation Decision to Cease Funding to Planned Parenthood:

“The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation’s decision to cease funding life-saving breast cancer screening is both infuriating and devastating. As a breast cancer survivor, I know intimately the value of early detection for this deadly disease. I also know the value of Komen’s work; their contributions to breast cancer awareness have had an undeniable impact, their support of breast cancer patients and survivors has been tremendous, and their grant funding for cancer screenings has been instrumental in early diagnoses from providers like Planned Parenthood. We need to stop playing politics with women’s health and women’s lives." 

Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with that!!  

"The silver lining is that more people than ever are aware that Planned Parenthood provides breast exams, and we're seeing more people calling us today to make an appointment," Tait Sye, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, told HuffPost. "Politics should not get in the way of women's health, and people respond powerfully when they see politics interfering with women's health."

This whole situation just irks me something awful.  How can you be a foundation that does wonderful things for breast cancer awareness, then cut off funding for millions of women to prevent that exact disease?? It's hypocritical and completely infuriating.  

How do you feel about this news? 
Are you as upset as I am??   

To stand by Planned Parenthood, read this letter, and sign the petition!  Reproductive health care is a basic human right!  

UPDATE #2-------------------
HOLY CRAP, WORLD!!  Way to speak out and make your voices heard!  Due to the huge backlash towards the Komen Foundation, they have decided to reverse their decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood.  The people have spoken!

Read the statement from Planned Parenthood about the decision here.  

This whole damn thing shouldn't have even happened, but I'm thrilled to hear that the world would not take this lying down.  There are good people out there that believe in the rights for all women, and that makes me proud. 

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