Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Cookies

Last night I got ambitious, and decided to make some holiday cookies to share with my friends & co-workers. Believe it or not, the photo above is NOT a photo of how my cookies turned out, and I have a few reasons why!

- I decided to go the cheap & easy route, and buy Bettie Crocker's instant sugar cookie mix, to which you just need to add 2 tablespoons of water and some butter. Not exactly "homemade", but whatevs. I don't have the time or the eggs.

- I wanted to do "cutout" cookies in Christmasey shapes, but I realized that A) I don't have a rolling pin to get the dough all nice & flat, and B) I don't have any cookie cutters. The odds were against me there.

- Sprinkles and colored icing are EXPENSIVE! Yes, I'm a stingy person when it comes to that stuff. So I ended up just buying red & green sprinkles, and calling it a day.

- My oven sucks ass. It's a gas oven, so 350 degrees is usually more like 500 degrees therefore meaning it does not have the ability to cook something slowly. That of course means that my cookies came out kinda mushy on top, and kinda burned on the bottom.

- My icing spreading technique is rather lacking, and I don't have much patience for it. So I just lacquered it on & prayed they'd still look okay.

You know what I learned after all of this? Even though they didn't look super pretty, they were still delicious! So the moral of the story kids, is that it's not how something looks on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts. Crap - I should've baked some chocolate kisses on the inside... that would've been super yummy! Next time...

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