Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hairdye Time

I just got back from a hair color "consultation" from the Aveda Institute, where they allow near-graduates cut / dye your hair at a very discounted rate. Although a while ago I shelved the idea of drastic cuts from them (trust me there), I thought a dye would be different, and figured "what the heck"?

Let me back up. I originally wanted a super drastic change for my hair (see pictures below).

OK - ignore the weird-lookin' chicks, and focus on the hair! FABULOUS / PUNKY / AWESOME! My hair has been the blunt-bang-black-bettie page cut forever now, and I wanted a big ol' change. In college I had the hot pink hair, as well as fire engine red - but because I didn't know anything about bleaching I absolutely FRIED my hair.

So I thought I'd go the safer route this time & get it done professionally. I called my favorite Denver salon "Moxie", but their price was $100 for the first hour, and $65 for each additional hour it took to get the color out of my hair. They said that for my dark color, 3 hours would be the minimal time, and that does not include putting the other colors in. I almost had a heart attack, and promptly hung up.

Back to the Aveda salon. This is supposed to be a discounted option. To take the color out = $150-$200... and to do a dye over top (not even the bleaching, but just a simple brown color) even more than that. I can't believe people spend this much money to get their freakin' hair dyed! RIDICULOUS!

So I waltzed my thrifty-ass over to Rite-Aid, and bought myself a box of Colorsilk "Chocolate Brown" hairdye for $4.19. I am pretty sure I can find better ways to spend my money (see post below)... :)

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