Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is over...

And it went by so darn fast!

I knew that my 5-days off work would zip by in a blur of family time, wrapping paper, wine, food, gifts, cookies, and holiday joy - but I didn't think it'd go by that fast! Wowza!

I'm back home again, enjoying the solitude, relaxing from the hustle & bustle, playing with my lovely gifts, and at the same time missin' my family already.

I have a whole stack of gift cards to spend now I realized, and an envelope practically bursting with Xmas bonus money. Well, bursting for me anyways.

But how do I spend it? Do I do the "right thing" and put it towards my credit card debt? BOOORING! Do I spend it all on getting a new haircut, and getting it dyed hot pink (which I've been dying to do for a while now. Dying - get it? HA!)? Do I spend it on tattoos that I've been wanting to get? Do I spend it on going out more often for dinner & drinks with friends? Do I get myself some rockin' roller skates? Do I save it for a future vacation??

Any thoughts??

I figure it's a gift, so the possibilities are endless. Well, endless 'till the money's gone. So I guess there is an end, eh? Haha!

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